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Event: Annual Health Check

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AfriCat attends London's First Wildlife Expo



CYMOT supports Lion Conservation

September 10, 2010

CYMOT, together with one of its main suppliers of Greensport products, Campmor Outdoor, have committed themselves to supporting the Afri-Leo Foundation and its Lion Conservation Programme (hence forth AfriCat North, as the sister organisations Afri-Leo & AfriCat have merged under the AfriCat banner).

The AfriCat lion recovery unit, now known as the Communal Carnivore Conflict Project (CCCP), will soon be in a position to mitigate lion-related conflict on both communal conservancy farms as well as commercial (free-hold) farms, specifically those adjacent to the Etosha National Park. 

In 1997, Afri-Leo (now AfriCat North) set out to finding workable solutions to the ever-present farmer-lion conflict in Namibia. Only found in Namibia’s northern regions, the relatively low lion numbers are in dire need of greater protection from persecution. The FIV-free status (Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus) of the Kunene and Etosha populations makes for an extremely important founder population source. No traces of the Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) or Bovine Tuberculosis (BTB) have been detected in either population, adding to their value for lion conservation, globally. Large numbers of lions, however, are trapped, poisoned and killed annually.

Years of working closely with livestock farmers proved that finding such solutions was no easy task, bearing in mind that many farmers are understandably intolerant of lions on their property as well as the fact that large sections of the Etosha fence are porous, allowing for the trans-border movement of these predators.

A long-awaited unit, the first of its kind in Namibia, will take on the role of assisting and advising communal & freehold farmers experiencing lion-related problems, as well as re-locate lions where necessary.

CYMOT and Campmor have supplied AfriCat North with a mobile camp consisting of one 5x5 Marquee tent and 8 accommodation dome tents with camping mattresses, sleeping bags, chairs, etc. CYMOT’s support will enable the Foundation’s Recovery team to move quickly from one area to another, set up camp and dedicate sufficient time and energy to the task at hand.

CYMOT and Campmor Outdoor are proud to be part of this valuable project initiative. “We are convinced that our support will effectively help with the conservation of the Namibian Lion population and that results will be achieved in mitigating the farmer-lion conflict. We wish the AfriCat Foundation all the success in their dedicated mission to ensure the ultimate survival of our Namibian lions” commented Henning Barth, Cymot Director, at their recent launch of the refurbished Cymot premises.

The AfriCat Communal Carnivore Conflict Project (CCCP) has been sponsored by the Okorusu Fluospar Mine Community Trust.  This Unit will be functional by end 2010 – early 2011.


As an invited guests to the German-Namibian Society’s
Nature Conservation Event.  
(Deutsch-Namibische Gesellschaft e.V)

This Nature Conservation Event, held on 3rd & 4th July 2010 at the Berlin Zoo, was planned to coincide with the 10th Anniversary of the partnership between the twin Cities, Berlin and Windhoek.

Invited guests included AfriCat, the Ministry of Environment & Tourism, the Cheetah Conservation Fund and Dr. Thomas Goettert (of the Berlin University), amongst others.

Pierre du Preez, conservation scientist with Namibia’s Ministry of Environment & Tourism, spoke of the successful Black Rhino Custodianship Programme which encourages and supports rhino conservation on both free-hold (commercial) and communal farms, and Birgit Braun of CCF, enlightened the audience to various projects especially that of the guard-dog programme.

AfriCat, represented by Tammy Hoth, the eldest Hanssen sibling (AfriCat north), took this opportunity to announce the recent merging of the two sister organisations, Afri-Leo & AfriCat, as well as present the new face of AfriCat with its rescue & release, research, environmental education and rehabilitation programmes.

The German-Namibian Society (DNG) has a long history of supporting projects in Namibia, specifically Black Rhino Conservation.

Twenty years ago, members of the DNG (and our hosts), Karl-Heinz Busch and Andreas & Birgit Moehring, visited Namibia as tourists and were so taken with the efforts of ‘Save the Rhino Trust’ to protect our black rhino, that once back home, they set up the Rhino Cops (Andreas is a member of the Berlin Police force), raising substantial sums of money through fund-raising projects as well as recording their own song in support of Black Rhino conservation, “Run Rhino Run”. Not long thereafter, Karl-Heinz and the Moehrings purchased a farm along the southern boundary of the renowned Etosha National Park, with the sole intention of conserving ideal rhino habitat.

The main theme of this event included “Nature Conservation and Regional Development in Namibia”, where a number of speakers were invited to lecture on the management of endangered species and protected areas since Independence.         

Despite soaring summer temperatures and the fact that the German National Football team beat Argentina in the 2010 World Cup, a large number of guests attended this Event, entertained by Namibia’s Ambassador, Mr Neville Gertze as well as the Mayor of Berlin, Mr Klaus Wowereit.

Sunday 4th July proved to be a beautiful day under the massive Oaks, with keenly interested children hugging the huge, cuddly Rhino (Cop) named ‘Bijahni’, enthralled by AfriCat‘s leopard poster and the cheetah-cub stickers….a most fitting end to an event which provided not only informative detail but also new-found partners with a common goal – ‘the conservation and protection of Namibia’s wildlife’.


A night at the Royal Geographical Society in London!

14 April 2010

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