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Africat North Fund Raising Project 2012


The Project: AfriCat North Research Project: Trans-boundary movements along the boundaries of the Etosha National Park (hereafter ENP) and in adjacent conservancies.

The frequency of lions crossing the ENP boundary and the formation of independent populations outside of the park are not known. This study will monitor trans-boundary lion movement to determine how the conflict between lions and the farmers along these boundaries could be minimised.

Objectives: This Project will be coordinated by the AfriCat / Okorusu Communal Carnivore Conservation Project Units (CCCP). Individuals found outside of ENP boundaries will be collared using GPS collars. The movement of these lions will be monitored and data will be used to locate weaknesses in the fence. The pride dynamics along the Etosha boundary will also be studied.

Details: (courtesy Africa Wildlife Tracking)
These Satellite collars have a built-in VHF transmitter, which work with the Iridium satellites and gives near-real-time data.

The unit gets a current GPS position and transmits that point up to the satellite system. The Iridium satellite constellation consists of 66 satellites that orbit the earth over the poles in 6 equidistant orbits, each orbit containing 11 satellites.

Location Based Alerts: Geo fence areas can be defined for specific tracking devices. Alerts can be triggered when a specific tracking device enters and/or leaves the defined areas. Alerts can be delivered via SMS or email.

This feature, which will enable the CCCP to improve the monitoring of lion movement in relation to villages and livestock kraals, is another advantage of near-real-time data up-linking.

Total cost per GPS Collar + Service Fee, landed in Namibia: N$ 25 000.00

Article posted: 2011-12-13 06:21:46

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