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A Little School Called Blydskap

'Blydskap' is the Afrikaans word for Happiness … and how fitting, as smiles greet us each time AfriCat North staff visit the school.

On the communal farm Marienhoehe in the Khoa di //Hoas Conservancy of Namibia's northwest, a cattle-post was named 'Hartseer' (Heartache) – drought and regular visits to the water reservoir by elephant herds, have left their mark and taken their toll.

But the sadness has turned to laughter ringing from the corrugated iron hut these children call 'home' - with support from a number of donors as well as students, during one of the coldest winters experienced in this area AfriCat North was able to provide pillows, beds and warm blankets for the 20 pre-schoolers living there.

Not only do these under-priviledged children sleep warm, they are now able to use flush toilets as well as wash themselves each day, after a 2 500 litre water tank, 350m of pipe-line and funds for diesel were given by families Bender and Schaefer of the Ubuntu Trust.

A further initiative saw a group of students from Hamburg, Germany, build a playground using old tyres and brightly coloured paint.

'Blydskap' Pre-School was built by the family Mare, who farm close-by.

Article posted: 2012-01-14 07:42:21

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