Okonjima – Home of The AfriCat Foundation 2016

Situated halfway between Namibia’s capital city, Windhoek, and the Etosha National Park, the private 55,000 acres / 200km²/20,000 ha. Okonjima Nature Reserve has some of the best accommodation in Namibia, but the unequivocal highlight has to be the cheetah and leopard safaris. 
Namibian safaris are magnificent and, as The AfriCat Foundation rehabilitates cheetahs, wild dogs, and hyaenas, there are unlimited opportunities to see these beautiful carnivores in their natural environment within the huge Okonjima Nature Reserve.

Accommodation at Okonjima
Okonjima Nature Reserve 2016
Chris Packham visits AfriCat for the 5th time!

Chris Packham — TV presenter, wildlife expert, photographer, author with a passion for conservation and AfriCat’s Patron — recently spent 10 days in the 200 km²private, Okonjima Nature Reserve — documenting the work we do, our mission to try and change the way Namibians understand Human Wildlife Conflict and that the ‘survival of carnivores’ depends on a more, tolerant land-owner.

AfriCat founder, Wayne Hanssen talks ‘Grassland-science’!

FILMED AND EDITED BY ITV, UK – © itv 2010. Taking Care of the Land: Wayne Hanssen leads the Okonjima team in a tourism venture that offers their guests ‘authenticity’ and ‘luxury’. Funds are used for ‘conservation’, ‘environmental education’ and ‘social responsibility’.
HIS PASSION: Is grassland science.
HIS DREAM: To turn Okonjima’s 55 000acres of Nature Reserve into what it once looked like, before man destroyed it due to a lack of understanding the fragile nature of our environment.
HIS WISH: Is for the next generation that hold the future of this land in their hands, to learn from our mistakes and to ‘BE the change they wish to see’ in this beautiful country, Namibia!

Okonjima – Home of the AfriCat Foundation

West of the Waterberg Plateau Park, vast plains are occasionally broken by remnants of ancient Sandstone outcrops, which once covered large areas of northern Namibia. Nestled among the “Omboroko Mountains” lies OKONJIMA – a Herero name meaning “Place of the baboons”. This is much more than just a lodge. OKONJIMA is also home to THE AFRICAT FOUNDATION. AFRICAT became internationally renowned after featuring in an award-winning documentary filmed for the Discovery Channel in 1995 &1996.

Okonjima Nature Reserve

As sustainable development and conservation of earth’s limited, but valuable resources become ever more urgent — SO IS THE SYNERGY BETWEEN CONSERVATION AND TOURISM BECOMING MORE APPARENT! The symbiotic relationship which exists between The AfriCat Foundation and the Okonjima Nature Reserve is imperative — without education, research and the mitigation of farmer-predator conflict throughout Namibia, the essential conservation of large carnivores would falter … and without the substantial financial support offered by our foreign visitors, who stay in the OKONJIMA lodges, neither would survive!


Joost and I are very proud to present to you the Thika Travel Namibia film which has been compiled by our filmer Gertjan Straalman during our journotrip last December.

The film is 20 minutes and although the narration is in Dutch we invite you to watch this. The interviews we did are of course in English.

We both think the film gives a very good impression of what we had in mind: sustainable tourism in a beautiful country. Shorter clips will be edited for use on social media.

We only could make this film with your great support and we are very thankful for this. We believe it is a fantastic promotion for Namibia and our preferred lodges. Thank you very much again for all your efforts to make this trip possible.

We look forward to your feedback on the film: “Namibie, wildparken en Natuurbeheer” http://www.straalman.nlNamibie, wildparken en natuurbeheer. 20 minuten Nederlands achtergrondcommentaar. from onswerk.tv on VimeoNamibie, wildparken en natuurbeheer. from onswerk.tv on Vimeo.


Namibia – A Land of Stark Incredible Beauty from Denis Glennon on Vimeo.