Namibia’s famed Okonjima Nature Reserve is the home of The AfriCat Foundation. This non-profit protects, researches, rescues and rehabilitates large carnivores back into the wild.

One of AfriCat’s carnivore conservation projects is the Cheetah Rehabilitation project, which was initiated to give some of our captive cheetahs an opportunity to return to their natural environment. Although hunting in carnivores is instinctive, many of the cheetahs at AfriCat lack experience due to being orphaned or removed from the wild at an early age. This inexperience, as well as their conditioning to captivity, makes these animals unsuitable for release on farmland. The cheetahs, usually a coalition of brothers and sisters, are fitted with radio-collars before their release into the 20 000ha Nature Reserve so that their welfare and progress can be closely monitored.

  • The success of this project provides other substantial benefits:
    It gives us the opportunity to assess whether rehabilitation is a successful means of conserving an endangered population and
  • it also allows for the number of cheetahs in captivity to be reduced.

Guests staying at any of Okonjima’s camps can partake in a tracking, on-foot safari, alongside guides in search of AfriCat’s rehabilitated carnivores.

The rehabilitated carnivores in question are habituated to mankind. Making them unsuitable for release anywhere else other than private parks such as the Okonjima Nature Reserve. Our guides and research staff never interfere with their daily activities and always keep a respectful distance at all time.

This activity is available at an additional cost of N$700 per adult, N$350 per child between ages of 12 -16 and requires prior booking.