Our guests travel continents and countries with the hopes of sighting the elusive leopard in its natural habitat. Leopards are the most adaptable of all the wild cats. These solitary, intelligent predators cover large distances across open plains, mountainous terrain and acacia thickets, which is why sightings are never guaranteed. However, leopards are frequently seen during a safari at Okonjima Nature Reserve. Though many of our leopards are radio-tracked for their protection and as part of a density research project through AfriCat’s conservation initiatives – they roam freely and hunt within the 20 000-ha/200km2 nature reserve.

We have spent the last 20 years creating an environment where leopard and mankind can coexist harmoniously. Our guides spend every day out in the bush getting to know each individual and slowly developing a unique bond formed upon mutual respect.

Seeing a leopard kill is a highlight of any game drive and gives guests insight into the ways of life in the African bush, though there are many other fascinating kinds of wildlife in this part of Namibia too.

This activity is available at an additional cost of N$700 per adult, N$350 for children between ages 6-16 and requires prior booking.