The AfriCat Foundation was initially established by the nature-loving Hanssen family as a welfare organisation. Over the last two decades their mission has changed to prioritise conservation through education, research, rehabilitation and human-wildlife conflict mitigation.

Our Rescue and Release Programme at AfriCat’s Carnivore Care Centre has been developed over twenty years, thanks to our mutual relationship with the nearby farming community. Some of the cheetah in our care are young, fit and wild enough to be part of our rehabilitation project. They are awaiting their turn to get a second chance in the wild as they will be released within the Okonjima Nature Reserve.

However, some cheetahs, lions and leopards are too old or habituated to be reintroduced into the wild. They will therefore remain under the expert care of the AfriCat team and will take over the role of being species ambassadors for their wild counterparts.

At Okonjima we believe in responsible tourism and do not support human-wildlife interactions, even with our species ambassadors.

This activity is an additional cost of N$550 for adults & N$275 for children between the ages of 3-16 and requires prior booking.