Johanna Somses

Housekeeping Manager

After 12 good years at Okonjima I have the position of the room manager which I achieved through hard
work and commitment to the long term vision. I enjoy working with the Okonjima team and am grateful
that my daughter had the chance to complete her primary schooling at the Perivoli Okonjima Country



Tobias Koiti

Assistant Manager

2008, I arrived on Okonjima and at first worked as a waiter and barman. Then in 2011 Okonjima promoted
me and I became a Receptionist, welcoming all our guests with my big smile.
2016 was a remarkable year in my career, since my dream came true and I was promoted to Assistant
Manager. After years of hard work and perseverance , I am now the Manager of the Okonjima Grand Villa
mini lodge.

Okonjima made everything possible for me and taught me a lot. I love my job, specifically being in the
company of guests, introducing them to the conservation work we do here and chatting about nature. I am
very willing and keen to learn more in every aspect that Okonjima can offer.
I have been working in the Tourism Industry for 9 years now and I love meeting different people from
different countries, and sharing the amazing Okonjima & AfriCat story with them and mostly chatting
about Namibia at large.

I enjoy cracking jokes with my guests (. . . and colleagues)

There is never a dull moment on Okonjima and I am thankful to the Okonjima Family for every
opportunity they have made possible thus far.

~ The sky is the only limit ~


Sielona Grobler

Reservations Manager

I started with Okonjima in June 2010 and as a young receptionist had to work hard to prove myself.

I have since worked my way up to my current position as manager of reservations and I believe that my team is the best!



Esmari (Essie) Jacobs

Kitchen Manager

I started with the Okonjima team in August 2016!   I am a creative and ambitious young lady who
grew up in the south of Namibia on a cattle farm!  With my friendly personality that loves baking,
for me it’s like Art, Freedom of Expression, Precision, Care and Perfection.  Making people
happy with my creations in the kitchen is what it’s all about for me.  I love seeing my inventions
come to life in the kitchens even more when it’s enjoyed by the guests.  Working for Okonjima
lets me take a step closer to my dream becoming reality.   “Everything worth doing can be done”


Danelia Van Wyk


I’ve always been an Entrepreneurial Spirit with Value Added Vision.

Ever since I started my professional career in 2002, I’ve channeled my energy towards the opportunities
where I can be of most value and can make a difference.

My Passion is what drives me and I firmly belief that it’s the key ingredient that differentiates between
having a job or enjoying a career. Even though success has a different meaning to every person, it’s most
certainly not a one-time thing but rather a way of life.

I’m a firm believer in leadership, rather than management and to most importantly lead by example.
Joining the Okonjima team has been one of the most rewarding life experiences.
The reward in itself is not only in terms of skills development and expansion of knowledge but also in
gaining a massive family. It’s an absolute honor to be of service to a company with such a valuable
contribution towards conservation.


Kondjashili Uushona

Lodge Manager

I have been in the tourism industry for the past 13 years of my life, having had the
opportunity to work for so many other wonderful tourism establishments, before I finally
joined the Okonjima team in April of 2019 as a lodge manager.
Since I arrived, I have only but great things to say about this unique tourism establishment.
Okonjima has the most passionate team I have ever worked with; you feel right at home the
moment you enter these grounds. I am very humbled to be a part of such a magical team.
Every day here is truly a dream come true for me.

~ Pursue your dream with passion, hard work and dedication~ CN Rao



Kudzai Mashamba

Lodge Manager

I underwent an intensive training at the School of Hospitality and Tourism from 2006 to
2010, where upon completion attained a Higher National Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality

During college holiday breaks I used to do casual waiter jobs attached at the Functions and
Banqueting departments with the world-renowned Holiday Inn Group. I completed the Food
and Beverage Trainee Management with Hippo Valley Country Club in 2010.
I joined the Okonjima Team in April of 2019 as lodge manager.

“If you are doing something that you are really passionate about, you do not need to be
pushed, the vision pulls you.”


Emsie Skrywer

Lodge Manager

After spending a whole year with friends from all over the globe, learning and discovering the
different cultures and backgrounds. I was intrigued to work in an environment where I would be
exposed to different people on a daily basis, and where better than the tourism industry.
I decided to study and broaden my understanding of the Namibian tourism industry, before I
actually started working, so I enrolled for hospitality school. One of the questions asked on my
application form to the hospitality school was, what three words can you use to define Tourism
and Hospitality and why are they important to you? I came up with what I call The 3 P’s –
Passion, Positivity and Perseverance-, they embody the key elements one needs in the tourism
industry, the passion for people, service excellence, the positivity needed within your working
environment to accommodate the vast numbers of people from different cultures/backgrounds
you work with on a daily basis and finally the perseverance because you love what you do and
need to keep doing it.

I joined Team Okonjima early 2019, and I have loved every minute since I have arrived.
“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it ~Maya Angelou~”


Radimar Karsten

Lodge Manager

Growing up as the oldest son of Nature Conservation Official, my passion for conservation
and the outdoors was born at a very tender age.
I officially joined the tourism industry in 2003, my career in Lodge management and
hospitality kicked of. The interaction and hosting of guests has become a passion and a
lifestyle. In 2018 I got the huge opportunity to join this amazing team of Okonjima.
The concept, the attention to finer detail, the high level of standards is but only some of the
few things that makes us unchallenged and truly unique in the Okonjima way.
We on Okonjima look forward to host and share our love and passion for Okonjima and
Namibia with our guests daily.

~ You will never work a day in your life, if you follow your passion~ Tony Bennett


Selma Amadhila

Lodge Manager

After completing my Honors in Tourism Management and Environmental Studies with the University
of Namibia in 2013. I was welcomed by the AfriCat and Okonjima Family as Administrator for the
AfriCat Foundation Headquarters on the 06 th January 2014.

My interest for the tourism industry was first fueled, when I was given the chance to volunteer at
one of the Adventure Travel World Summit hosted by the City of Windhoek. Being able to meet so
many people in such a short period of time and the satisfaction one gets after leaving smiles on
strangers faces after the service you give, was very intriguing for me.
Here at AfriCat/Okonjima my utmost love for animals and passion for conservation was born.
AfriCat/Okonjima have given me opportunities to explore and discover my capabilities in so many
fields. In this home I have gained knowledge and wisdom that is beneficial to my personal and
professional life.

Now in my position as a lodge manager, I strive each day to be the best leader I can be and lead this
team to heights unimaginable. Each day being a part of this unique team is a blessing.
Thank you Family Okonjima and Team!

~Impossible they say?
The word itself says “I am possible” ~