Johanna Somses

Housekeeping Manager

I started on Okonjima in January 2005!!  After 12 good years at Okonjima,  I now have the position of managing the room/services staff,  which I achieved through hard work and commitment to the Okonjima long-term vision of improving oneself and reaching new heights.  I enjoy working with the Okonjima team and am grateful that my daughter had the chance to complete her primary schooling at the Perivoli Okonjima Country School as well.



Jason Kombada

Manager at Bush Camp

In January 2007 my dream became true when I got a job at Okonjima Lodge as a kitchen general/assistant,  but was luckily when I was later promoted to a waiter and barman in August the same year. In July 2014,  I started training as an assistant manager and with hard work and dedication, I became a Bush Camp manager in 2015. I am so grateful to be able to continue my career with the beautiful Okonjima Family.  With this good team we never stop learning, and we are encouraged to set new challenges daily so that we are able to give the best service to our guests.

My favourite quote: “To be able to lead others, a man must be willing to go forward alone”



Tobias Koiti

Assistant Manager

2008,  I arrived on Okonjima and at first worked as a waiter and barman.   Then in 2011 Okonjima promoted me and I became a Receptionist, welcoming all our guests with my big smile.

2016 was a remarkable year in my career,  since my dream came true and I was promoted to Assistant Manager.

Okonjima made everything possible for me and taught me a lot. I really like my job,  specific being with guests, introducing them to the conservation work we do here and chatting about nature. I am very willing and keen to learn more in every aspects that Okonjima can offer me in the future. . . .

I have been working in the Tourism Industry for 7 years now. I do like meeting different people from different countries, telling them about Okonjima & AfriCat and about our beautiful country. I also like joking and entertaining our Guests ( . . . and colleagues)


Sielona Grobler

Reservations Manager

I started with Okonjima in June 2010 and as a young receptionist had to work hard to prove myself.

I have since worked my way up to my current position as manager of reservations and I believe that my team is the best!



Esmari (Essie) Jacobs

Kitchen Manager

I started with the Okonjima team in August 2016!   I am a creative and ambitious young lady who grew up in the south of Namibia on a cattle farm!  With my friendly personality that loves baking, for me it’s like Art, Freedom of Expression, Precision, Care and Perfection.  Making people happy with my creations in the kitchen is what it’s all about for me.  I love seeing my inventions come to life in the kitchens even more when it’s enjoyed by the guests.  Working for Okonjima lets me take a step closer to my dream becoming reality.   “Everything worth doing can be done”


Danelia Van Wyk


I’ve always been an Entrepreneurial Spirit with Value Added Vision.

Ever since I started my professional career in 2002, I’ve channeled my energy towards the opportunities where I can be of most value and can make a difference.

My Passion is what drives me and I firmly belief that it’s the key ingredient that differentiates between having a job or enjoying a career. Even though success has a different meaning to every person, it’s most certainly not a one-time thing but rather a way of life.

I’m a firm believer in leadership, rather than management and to most importantly lead by example. Joining the Okonjima team has been one of the most rewarding life experiences.

The reward in itself is not only in terms of skills development and expansion of knowledge but also in gaining a massive family. It’s an absolute honor to be of service to a company with such a valuable contribution towards conservation.


Ralph Hochtritt

Assistant Lodge Manager

I was born and bred in small town called Rehoboth. My love for people and animals started when I was very young. After my grade 12 year, I moved Windhoek were I studied Hospitality at Polytechnic of Namibia now recognized as the University of Science and Technology.

After 3 years of studies I then got the opportunity to work at Safari Hotel and Conference Centre, one of Namibia’s biggest hotels. It was in that time that I really fell in love with the hospitality Industry. On 15th August 2017 another door opened for me and the door was called Okonjima Lodge. I started at Okonjima as a host/waiter/barmen and because of the love I have for the industry, hard work and dedication I was then promoted to assistant lodge manager.

Okonjima is a wonderful place and I see a future here for me.

My Favourite quote: ‘Give a lazy person hard work and he will find an easy way to do it.’