Okonjima African Villa

The Okonjima African Villa is situated in a secluded wilderness area, 10km from the Plains Camp, overlooking a natural waterhole that’s ideal for wildlife photography and bird watching. The Okonjima Villa is the only lodge situated inside the 55 000acre | 20 000 ha | 200km² private, nature reserve. This safari-chic, thatched villa has two en-suite, luxury bedrooms in the main house and two separate private, luxury mini suites, which together can accommodate up to eight adults and four children. 

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A unique African safari experience in a private, boutique lodge....

The main house consists of:

  • Two en-suite luxury bedrooms.
  • The 4th room at the Villa (court yard view – family unit) can only be booked, if guest are related to the guests in the main room, for both suites are situated in the main building.
  • A modern, chef-designed kitchen with wine and soft drink coolers, gas and electric cooking facilities and a double-door refrigerator with a built-in ice maker.
  • A wood-burning fireplace that brings together the spacious lounge and dining areas.
  • Each of the two en-suite, luxury bedrooms have an inside and outside shower as well as a bath with views of the Namibian bush.
  • The infinity pool, which is necklaced by an African red teak deck, looks out onto the waterhole that’s frequented by an abundance of wildlife.
  • The open-air, shaded sala is the ideal setting for a meal or afternoon nap
Our discreet hosts and chefs attend to all your needs from turn-downs to gourmet meals to ensure a relaxed luxury safari experience at Okonjima African Villa that’s hard to rival.

The two private, luxury mini suites are situated 35-50 metres on either side of the main house and each boast:

  • Double volume thatched roofs with air-con, fans and heating facilities.
  • Glass-panelled sliding doors with panoramic views across Okonjima Nature Reserve.
  • Should guests choose, these open doorways may be replaced with roll-down, zip-fastened canvas partitioning with heavy-duty gauze screens – to give you a true sense of staying in the untamed African bush.
  • A well-stocked mini bar, as well as tea and coffee making facilities.
  • The choice of an inside or outside shower, as well as bathrooms with bush views.
  • Wi-Fi and ample work space and private, undercover parking.
North Suite
North Suite Bathroom
North Suite
North Suite
South Suite
South Suite Bathroom
South Suite Outside Shower
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Activities on offer at Okonjima...

The Okonjima Nature Reserve sprawls over 200 square kilometres of undulating plains, mountainous outcrops, and riverine thickets, and it is here that leopard (Panthera pardus), the most adaptable of all the wild cats, thrive. Read more about our Leopard Research.

These intelligent, solitary predators occur in high density in the expanse of Okonjima Nature Reserve’s multi-faceted topography.  The Reserve’s predator research programme has spanned three decades, and its findings have provided great insight to leopard behavioral patterns as well as offered an upbeat prognosis for a sustainable future for the species in today’s Africa.

A two-day Okonjima stay offers the best chance to view wild leopard in Namibia, as well as those collared for research purposes, in their natural habitats.  Research programme leopard are actively tracked, and their collars are an invaluable resource for locating, and then returning to the Reserve, cats which have migrated to surrounding farmland where they are perceived as threats to livestock.

The Okonjima Nature Reserve, a huge protected area set amongst the rugged commercial farmlands of central Namibia, comprises a diversified ecosystem representative of both the larger and small mammals of Namibia, as well as most of the country’s endemic birds.

Game drives and guided bush walks offer visitors an intimate, up-close perspective of Namibia’s wildlife and, especially, its most protected species.

The Okonjima Nature Reserve is home to and runs extensive research projects on rare and endangered species, big and small.

Quick Fact

Did You know the Okonjima African Villa is the only lodge situated within the 20 000ha private nature reserve… 


Fully Inclusive – Exclusive Option
  • Accommodation, all meals, 2 main activities per person per day, drinks (excl. premier and imported brands)
  • Laundry, Internet, Levy, Vat, Park and Environmental Education Fee
  • Private Guide, Vehicle, Host/Hostess and Chef
  • Coffee/Tea and fruit available throughout the day
Fully Inclusive – NON-EXCLUSIVE (sharing option)
  • Accommodation, all meals, 2 main activities per person per day, drinks (excl. premier and imported brands)
  • Laundry, Internet, Levy, Vat, Park and Environmental Education Fee
  • Shared Guide & Guide, shared dinner table & main house
  • Coffee/Tea and fruit available throughout the day
Fully Inclusive – EXCLUSIVE OPTION
  • Nocturnal Drive

Fully Inclusive – NON-EXCLUSIVE (sharing option)


  • Nocturnal Drive
Child Policy Villa
Children from the age of 12 are allowed. 
Please note we offer a child friendly environment, but due to the nature of our activities that focuses on carnivores, certain activities are restricted.
  • AGE 12 – onwards
    • Park Activities 
    • AfriCat Carnivore Care & Information Centre
    • Off The Beaten Track
    • Guided Bush Walks in the Okonjima Nature Reserve  
Please Note:
Children need to be controlled by their parents, in and around the lodge and surrounding areas. They are prohibited to swim unaccompanied. Noise levels need to please be kept to a minimum. Regrettably no “CHILD-MINOR-CARE” is available. Okonjima cannot look after children while parents are on an activity. Parents will be responsible for their kids safety at all times.


Main bedroom and living area: 315m2
North mini suite: 115m2
South mini suite 124m2

Okonjima’s Grand African Villa
S 20 48.184’, E 16 40.520’

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