Okonjima Nature Reserve in central Namibia is home to The AfriCat Foundation. It has grown significantly since it was established as a welfare organisation in the early 1990s and registered as a non-profit organisation in 1993. Today, AfriCat’s mission is the long-term conservation of some of Namibia’s large carnivores – such as brown hyaena, leopard and cheetah, all of which can be seen during an environmental education visit to Okonjima. 

Similarly, AfriCat’s northern operation, which is located alongside Etosha National Park’s south-western border, mitigates human-wildlife conflict on surrounding farmland, with a focus on the wild lion population. It does so by educating the youth and surrounding communities, encouraging adapted livestock protection methods, as well as researching and monitoring wild lion populations.

Although Okonjima helps to partially support The AfriCat Foundation’s daily running costs – such as rehabilitation programmes, veterinary expenses and monitoring equipment, salaries, admin costs to name a few – The AfriCat Foundation for the most part still relies on tourism and the goodwill of guests and day visitors, who provide donations.

Every penny counts! When a donor donates money , sponsors an AfriCat project , or adopts a carnivore that sponsorship is used for our conservation efforts, which includes research, community support and environmental education. We are also funded by AfriCat America, AfriCat UK and the Tusk Trust UK. Without our guests’ support and contribution towards tourism, Okonjima’s support would not be possible and there would be no AfriCat Foundation or stories to tell about our carnivores.

Thank you for your support!!!