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The family-run Okonjima Lodge rests at the foot of the sandstone Omboroko Mountains amidst Acacia thornveld in a Malaria-free area. It is halfway between Namibia’s capital city, Windhoek, and the Etosha National Park – only a two-and-a-half-hour drive or a brief flight into the reserve’s private airstrip.

Okonjima Nature Reserve is equally famed for frequent leopard, brown hyaena and pangolin sightings on its safaris, as well as The AfriCat Foundation. Since being founded in 1991, AfriCat’s mission has been to make significant contributions to conservation, while trying to ensure the survival of Namibia’s predators in their natural habitat. It undertakes research and environmental education projects.

Okonjima Lodge offers a wide spectrum of accommodation, ranging from well-appointed private camp sites to breathtaking safari lodges. The award-winning Okonjima African Villa and Private Bush Suite offer an unparalleled luxury safari experience, indulging guests with a private chef, guide and safari vehicle. Okonjima guarantees a unique African safari to remember.

Our activities delight and educate even the most experienced of travellers. Mornings begin early out in the Okonjima Nature Reserve lead by our experienced guides. In true African style, days end with game drives through the acacia thicket in search of elusive leopards followed by a sundowner. Whether you hike or are an avid bird watcher, there are endless ways to spend your time at Okonjima.
Plan your ultimate Namibian safari along the Naturally Namibia Circuit.

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Okonjima is situated half-way between Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, and the Etosha National Park, 2.5 hour drive either way, its central location making it ideally suited as a base from which to undertake excursions to other Namibian regions, or as the perfect break on the way to, or from, Etosha.


From the luxurious Villa to well-appointed Campsites, you’ll find your perfect accommodation at Okonjima. Choose from the Grand African Villa, Bush Suite, Luxury Bush Chalets, Plains Camp Lodge, or the Omboroko Campsite.

Okonjima Experience

Our activities will delight, entertain, and educate even the most experienced traveler. Visit the AfriCat Foundation and learn about Namibia’s carnivores. Track leopard, hyaenas, Hike, bike, or go for a swim. The activities are endless at Okonjima!

“Take only memories, leave only Footprints…”

Okonjima COVID Chronicles...

Leopard in okonjima nature reserve

28 July, 2020

A real-life, conservation collection, documenting the current real time behind the scenes of active conservation in the Okonjima Nature Reserve, putting CONSERVATION FIRST, but trying to survive.

Like most in the Namibian tourism sector, Okonjima, AfriCat and the Okonjima Nature Reserve have been hard hit by the current economic setback. Founder and co-owner of the Okonjima Nature Reserve, Wayne Hanssen, explains in great detail how he intends to survive this period and safeguard the Nature Reserve against major future crises…

31 July, 2020

Wayne Hanssen, founder and co-owner of the Okonjima Nature Reserve explains how he, the family and the team are trying to SURVIVE the Covid economic crisis.
In this episode he demonstrates how ‘he sees the road to recovery’ – substantiating, the viability of eco-tourism and how to make the Okonjima Nature Reserve entirely self-sustainable, even in the face of the current viral pandemic or any other future economic set-backs…