The Okonjima Experience


The Okonjima experiences will delight and educate even the most experienced of travellers.

Mornings begin with an early, game-drive in the 200km² Okonjima Nature Reserve alongside our experienced guides, with a focus on finding the elusive leopard. Our guests travel continents and countries with the hopes of sighting the elusive leopard in its natural habitat.  Leopards are the most adaptable of all the wild cats. These solitary, intelligent predators cover large distances across mountainous terrain and acacia thickets, which is why sightings are never guaranteed. However, leopards are frequently seen during a safari in the Okonjima Nature Reserve.

Many of our leopards are radio-tracked as part of a density research project through AfriCat’s conservation initiatives and also for their protection. The Okonjima leopard roam freely and hunt within the 20 000-ha/200km2 nature reserve.


In true African style, days end with many options.

EITHER a game-drive, again, focusing on finding another leopard and spending as much time observing their behaviour, OR with a visit to our Carnivore Care & Information Centre.

Another option is to join an on-foot, guided, bush-experience through the acacia thickets, riverine edges or open plains in search of wildlife – the big and the small.  Our focus is to try and find some of the more endangered species on foot, followed by the traditional sundowner.

… Imagine yourself treading carefully through the nature reserve, with the same perspective as the wildlife you are hoping to catch a glimpse of. Looking at the plant life, protection from sun and predators, listening to sounds that the natural world emits, aware of nearby movements and horizons.

It all combines to a wonderful adventure in this natural environment that the animals call home… and now YOU have the privilege of exploring along with our experienced and knowledgeable guides.

At Okonjima, we are always wanting to deepen our knowledge of the natural world, the habitats of our species, and the impact living in this environment has on each species, and between species. Here are a couple of studies with which we are involved, and which study the very animals that YOU may see on your walking adventure!

For more information on our research projects please follow the links below:

Hyaena Research

Pangolin Research

Our big-cat programme at AfriCat’s Carnivore Care & Information Centre has been developed over twenty years, thanks to our mutual relationship with the nearby farming community.

Some of the carnivores in our care today are too old or habituated to be reintroduced into the wild, and will, therefore, remain under the expert care of the AfriCat team. These animals will take over the role of being ‘Species Ambassadors’ for their wild counterparts.

Find out more about our ambassadors and how you can help by Sponsoring a Carnivore.

You can also join a guided, ‘Off-The-Beaten-Track’ walk | drive – a reality very different from yours.

This easy combination of a short walking trail and nature drive in the reserve, is especially loved by our younger guests as a ‘family’ experience due to the interactive and informative demonstrations. This experience, will give you an exciting glimpse of Culture, Flora and Fauna.

Whether you hike, drive or are an avid bird watcher, there are endless ways to spend your time at Okonjima. The choice is yours to decide how you spend your time. For clarity, these are the options you have to create your personal adventure:

Nature Game-Drive, looking for leopard: Morning or Afternoon

Guided natural walking trails: Morning or Afternoon

AfriCat Carnivore Care and Information Centre: Morning, after Brunch, or Afternoon


Winter:      Lodge Activity Times:  Morning – departure at 6:30   Afternoon – departure at 15:30

Summer:   Lodge Activity Times:  Morning – departure at 6:00   Afternoon – departure at 16:00