Day Centre Visits

Join us at our Day Centre & visit The AfriCat Foundation for a day trip en route to or from Etosha National Park, just 10km off the B1 road.

Day Centre visitors can observe our foundation’s work and learn more about African predators, such as the lion, leopard and cheetah, and their plight for survival.

Refreshments and valuable conservation information await you at Okonjima Nature Reserve after a two-hour drive north of Windhoek or an hour’s drive south of Otjiwarongo. We appreciate your support as tourism funds the majority of AfriCat’s education, research and conservation work.

The Okonjima experience and AfriCat’s Conservation Work

A highlight of any visit is learning about our big-cat passion. Okonjima Nature Reserve is home to The AfriCat Foundation, a non-profit organisation committed to long-term conservation of Namibia’s large carnivores.

We do NOT support interactions between humans and wild animals and none of our carnivore ambassadors are raised into that role. Some of AfriCat’s captive carnivore ambassadors cannot be released back into the wild because they are: too tame; were a pet or hand-raised, which means they no longer fear humans; have injuries that will disadvantage them in the wild.

The carnivore ambassadors are used to educate our guests, nearby farmers, the youth and surrounding communities about the plight of predators. Through our education ambassadors we can explain human-wildlife conflict in a relaxed environment.
All captive animals are responsibly looked after. Their dietary and health requirements are maintained and their spacious enclosures – a minimum of 1 ha per large predator – need to be as true to their natural habitat as possible.

If you have the time:

Hike up (or down) our mountain range, which has a bird’s eye view of the reserve, before taking a dip in our campsite swimming pool and keeping a look out for indigenous birdlife and small mammals.

If you overnight at Okonjima Nature Reserve:

The 200km² private, nature reserve offers unforgettable African safari experiences with a high probability of tracking leopard and brown hyaena for guests staying at Okonjima Lodge It hosts four lodges, from rustic to exclusive, and a campsite.

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