Vacancies on Okonjima & The AfriCat Foundation

Dear Applicant

 Okonjima is just 2.5 hours’ drive from Windhoek 

The 220 km² | 20 000ha Okonjima Nature Reserve, is where our life’s work has been to conserve our precious land and abundant wildlife, and protect and preserve this wilderness. 

The Reserve is home to 43 mammal species big and small, 250+bird species, and hundreds of other magnificent creatures big and small. Moreover, the majority of wildlife on Okonjima have only known the safety and security of the Reserve and the animal and human populations of the Reserve live and move alongside each other without fear. 

Okonjima established the AfriCat Foundation almost 30 years ago to advocate for the elimination of human-wildlife conflict, specifically in regard to Namibia’s predators. In order to further understand the scope and efficacy of possible solutions to this conflict, AfriCat embarked on multi-faceted research which continues to this day. The volume of research output reaped from the Okonjima Nature Reserve over three decades has been vast, and yet so much knowledge is yet to be gleaned. 

Okonjima and AfriCat have always worked in concert, and the two organisations have a highly symbiotic relationship. Okonjima has been the biggest supporter of AfriCat, and guests at Okonjima have been able to observe AfriCat’s work up close. 

In giving guests a world-class service and wildlife experiences, Okonjima’s staff strive to show visitors the wide range of animals inhabiting the Reserve, but also a connection with Namibians who love nature and who love to share their stories with those who spend time here as guests . . 

Best wishes, 

Team Okonjima